Weird Weigh In 2:

I know that weight loss is a journey.  And this weekend was quite a journey.

I mourned the loss of a good man with my friends.

I celebrated a night out with a newly single Mom.

I visited with relatives.

I enjoyed a long weekend BBQ with my closest friends.

These are not excuses. These are facts. I over ate and I drank a ton this long weekend.  And if I I am going to be honest with me then I need to be completely honest with you, on my  Weight Watchers adventure.

So, this is what happened this morning when I tracked my gain on the Weight Watcher App….

IMG_0821Now that is one supportive app! It actually made me giggle. Because it was boldly direct with me and supported me at the same time.

Speaking of support….

I messaged my friend Sheri who is on this #betyou10lbs  journey with me.

Her advice was amazing….






I choose to forgive myself.

Even saying that feels a bit silly. I am not mad at myself. If anything I am just more aware at the choices I made and how I use eating and drinking to celebrate good times and I use it for the bad times, too.

Today is a new day.

This week is a new week.

I’m ready for whatever comes my way.

Please follow along and help me reach my goals. I am documenting each week’s Weird Weigh In.

This journey is all my own. I was never asked to blog about it or share my weight, but I am doing it with support of Yummy Mummy Club and because I really want to weigh 199 lbs. 

2 thoughts on “Weird Weigh In 2:

  1. I recently broke the into the 180’shop after hovering around 200 (or more)for several years. I cried a little.

    Your friend is right. In the grand scheme of things, you’re doing fantastically. Keep it up. You’ll get there.

  2. Just a tip – on the back of your weigh-in booklet (if you’re going to meetings in person – which I recommend as the support is awesome), there’s a chart where you can manually track your weigh-ins. I do that, and it reminds me that even if I only lost 0.2 or gained a pound, as long as I’m still in the shaded area, I’m losing weight at a healthy rate (first few weeks excepted because you quite often lose more than the 0.5-2 lb a week). Just keep tracking food, regardless of how awful the numbers are at the end of the night 🙂

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