Blogger Selling Out…

“Whoa, Kyla you are selling out!”

Yes, I guess I am.

You have probably noticed that I have been doing more product reviews on Mommy’s Weird and less making fun of my ratty old underwear.

Mommy’s Weird will continue to be a place where I will complain about Disney Princesses and my sons obsession with my breasts and my obsession with my own breasts.   I will probably still write about being too tired to have a social life and why I am too tired to have sex.  You will still be able to read about my childhood , my stupid friends and  my vagina armpits  I will continue to talk about parenting problems, how I hate first time parents and why I need a housecleaner. More than likely I will still look down womens shirts and tell you all my friends sex secrets.

But, I will also do reviews of products that I am interested in.  And yes, I do get paid for these. So be easy on me, I just put my daughter into a semi private school and that costs money.

And before you start judging me, know this.

I am currently drinking a vodka with grapefruit juice while filling out my daughters Kindergarten forms for Catholic School.

So, yeah.

Don’t worry.

Things aren’t going to change much around here.