Blogger Selling Out…

“Whoa, Kyla you are selling out!”

Yes, I guess I am.

You have probably noticed that I have been doing more product reviews on Mommy’s Weird and less making fun of my ratty old underwear.

Mommy’s Weird will continue to be a place where I will complain about Disney Princesses and my sons obsession with my breasts and my obsession with my own breasts.   I will probably still write about being too tired to have a social life and why I am too tired to have sex.  You will still be able to read about my childhood , my stupid friends and  my vagina armpits  I will continue to talk about parenting problems, how I hate first time parents and why I need a housecleaner. More than likely I will still look down womens shirts and tell you all my friends sex secrets.

But, I will also do reviews of products that I am interested in.  And yes, I do get paid for these. So be easy on me, I just put my daughter into a semi private school and that costs money.

And before you start judging me, know this.

I am currently drinking a vodka with grapefruit juice while filling out my daughters Kindergarten forms for Catholic School.

So, yeah.

Don’t worry.

Things aren’t going to change much around here.

41 thoughts on “Blogger Selling Out…

  1. Bah sell out shmell out! I sold out a long time ago however like you my quirkiness shines through paid or not 😉 You go girl, get that child of your a good education 😉 love ya!

  2. Too funny! My daughter is starting Kindergarten at a Catholic school too and yep, if I can pay for part of that with product reviews or sponsored posts, I will! Hey, I put a lot of time into blogging – might as well make some money at it! 🙂

  3. I’ve spent most of my adult life selling out, you get over it after a while. Whatever gets me new boots and a full wine rack makes me a happy girl

  4. Oh, dropping the Catholic School card!! Bam!

    The vodka, grapefruit juice would worry a protestant church – Catholics drink.

    You’re fitting in already!
    ♥ Your child’s future teacher

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