Stupid Disney Princesses…

Suppers at our home can be pretty hectic. The kids are climbing, running, choking, throwing and spilling.

But there are a lot of very special moments, too. Lately, 2 year old Baby Bot has jumped into our new family tradition of asking everyone, “What was the best part of your day?”

Though if you don’t speak Baby Bot, it sounds a lot like, “Whadabeparyoudaydada?”

After we all answer, it ends up being a free for all conversation at our table. And I love it.

Until the other night.

Here is what happened….

Whirlwind:  Mommy what would happen if you weren’t wearing your seat belt and got in a car accident?

Me:  Well, its very important to wear your seatbelt because if you were in an accident you could end up in the hospital or even worse, die. And you wouldn’t have a Mommy anymore.

Whirlwind:  That’s okay because then I could get a Step Mom.

Wow.  Another reason to hate those Stupid Disney Princesses.

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