Book Review: Caitlin Moran "How To Be A Woman"….

I cannot get enough of Funny Females lately. I am absolutely hooked. It’s pretty much all I want to read and I am pretty sure its driving my Book Club  cray-cray.

There was Mindy Kaling’s book. Which is awesome and a must buy.

And Heather McDonald and Sarah Colonna from Chelsea Lately.

I also really liked Tina Fey’s Bossy Pants.

I just finished this one by Caitlin Moran called How To Be A Woman

I had never heard of Caitlin Moran before. But, apparently she is a pretty big deal across the pond.  And when I read the back cover and saw that The Bloggess endorsed her, I was sold. It’s full of her own personal experiences on being a girl.

Funny and explicit details about masturbation, pubic hair, siblings, boyfriends and abortion.

I’d like to add that I am not for abortion.

Nor, am I against abortion.

The essay/chapter on her own abortion is near the end of the book. And it surprises you, because you are not expecting it. Maybe you don’t want to know about that chapter because the rest of the book is pretty hilarious  But, for that chapter alone, I am glad I read the book.  It is heartbreaking and insightful and one of the most powerful things I have ever read. I suggest you buy/download the book.