Book Review Bossypants…

I enjoy Tina Fey.  I love her on SNL’s Weekend Update. I love her as Sarah Palin. I love her on 30 Rock as Liz Lemon. I love her t.v appearances.
Maybe I love her.
I was super excited when TWO COPIES of Bossypants showed up at my Book Group. I snatched one up and read it immediately.
Side note: I  am holding Baby Bot with one hand and trying to type with other. It’s hard and he is a bit annoying. Doesn’t he know this is all about me?  He’ll learn. Just as his father has.
Back to Tina…..
Bossypants has some good stuff about Tina’s father, her childhood, her love of gay men, SNL, being a mom etc. But, I can’t help but get the feeling she is holding back a bit.
Maybe because I recently read most of Chelsea Handler’s books and she makes Tina Fey testimonials sound like Rebecca Black songs. (Oh ya I did. I am that hip with popular culture.)
What makes this book great is her experience in comedy. Mostly about being a woman in comedy and all the crap that comes with it. And by crap I mean some good stories about sexism in comedy.
Like 2 women in an improv skit is not good comedy.
Most of you are saying  HUH WHA….?!  But, as a radio dj. There was a time when I was told never to play 2 women artists back to back. Why? Apparently, female singers are not as strong as males.
I know.
That’s gross, eh.
But, that’s what it can be like.
OMG. Am I comparing myself to Tina Fey?
I guess I am.
Hmm.. I wonder if she has a fan club.