Girl Crushes….

For my last two birthdays,  my husband has been kicking ass and taking names.

Taking names of authors.

He is a very good listener.

I am a big fan of the television show “Chelsea Lately”.  I love everything about it. I rarely even sweat when I see who the guest is, because I know that “Chels” can handle it.

The comedians on the round table for the most part are wonderful.  There is one that Zed and I cannot stand. But, I don’t want to name names. But, we get SO into the show, we usually start yelling at him when he is talking about nothing.

We love the show so much that once I invited Zed to bed and he said, “Oh, I kind of wanted to watch Chelsea Lately….”

Was that kind of sad to share?


After telling Zed, what I wanted him to buy me for my birthday, he bought me the following…

Heather is a comedian and a writer on “Chelsea Lately” and the book is great. I finished it in two days.
You see, Heather didn’t lose her virginity until she was 27. And I figure that if I didn’t give it up to a complete stranger when I was eighteen, I would have probably been in the same boat.  Except my rejections would be farm boys who never really liked me in the first place. The guys she dates are mostly good looking losers. Until Peter.  That is her husband.  I love him. Besides Peter,  Heather and I have nothing in common.
Heather follows me on “twitter”.
I know.
You are so jealous.
Super-dee-duper jealous.
I’m jealous of me. Sometimes I go on to her twitter page to see if she followed any other loser fans.  It would make me feel less special if I knew that she does a weekly pity follow.  
Just in case this is true, lets pretend I never brought it up.
Zed also got me this book for my birthday….
Sarah is also a writer and comedian on “Chelsea Lately”.  I really, really, really want to read this book.  But someone just lent me ” The Hunger Games.” 
Which has taken over my life.
From now on I am only reading what fourteen year old girls are reading.  That includes Sweet Valley High.
I love this book.

I.  Love. This. Book.
I’m on Chapter 10 and even as I type this, I kind of just want to stop typing and go hide from my family and read it.   In this words of one of the gals in my book club, “This book makes me want to neglect my children.”  Which is funny because pretty much anything makes me want to neglect my children.
So…..yeah.   Not to be awkward about this, but Katniss and Peeta are calling me. So… I’m going to go read now.