What happens in Book Club….

I might of made a mistake last night at Book Group. 

Yes, Group not Club.

Don’t ask.  Okay, ask.

Somehow when we first started it was very important to me that we were a “Group” and not a “Club”.  I know, I know. Stupid.

Back to Book Group…

I’m not sure how it happened. Somehow I told everyone that I started looking at boil and cyst videos online. They were mortified.   More mortified then the time I told them I google’d bird penis. Which I am really glad I did. I had no idea birds penises were shaped like corkscrews. 

There are thousands of cyst and boil and pimple and blackhead videos out there. There are even some websites devoted entirely to the sport of it.

Listen, watching these videos is not a hobby.


It’s kind of like the night you took your bra off at the bar and danced on a table… it just sort of happened.