The Virgin Cure…

I just finished reading this…


I absolutely loved Ami McKay’s other book, The Birth House.  So, when one of the girls at Book Group brought The Virgin Cure, I couldn’t wait to get my greasy little hands on it.

And I will continue to read absolutely anything that Ami McKay writes.  She has this way of drawing me into a book. Hook, line and sinker.

In The Virgin Cure, you can’t help but want to take Moth in as your own child.  I started to really care for her and more than anything “root” for her.  I wanted to see her out of the slums and rise to the top.  And when she does start to rise to the top its at the expense of herself.  She is so young and desperate that her choices just break your heart.

At times I had a real problem with the sexualizing of these young women.  Not even young women, young girls. That sort of grossed me out.  It’s not pornographic. It’s just sad.

The Virgin Cure is a good book. I do suggest you read it. And while you are add it you my as well read The Birth House.  I loved The Birth House.

Plus, the titles of her books rock. Can you imagine the really freaky google searches she must get with words like, Virgin and Birth?  Creepers.

Speaking of, have you seen that kiss from those two Virgins on TLC?

That will forever be burned into your mind.

I’m sorry.

Back to the book…

So when I found out that Ami McKay was going to be a speaker at Blissdom this fall.  I pretty much freaked. Besides Peter Gzowski, I have never met an author that I really admired before.

I hope she lets me take a picture with her.  Maybe something with us “bumping” chests?

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