And then I lose it…

Half my book club went to see “The Help” the other night.  I couldn’t wait for our lame ass movie theatre to get it. So sick of movies for 14 year old boys


The last time I saw that many old ladies in one place, I was serving tea at a church bazaar.

I really loved seeing all those grey hairs together. Girls are girls, right?  No matter what. Even when you are eighty. “The Help” is a movie you want to go to with your girls.

Go see it.

The book is great.

The movie is also great.

It gets the go ahead from me. Blah, Blah, Blah.

There is something about me I would like to share. I’m a laugher. Sometimes a snorter. Definitely a crier.  And I did all three AFTER the movie.

Side Note:  I also laugh so hard that I push people.  There is definitely some Elaine in me.  Okay. Okay. There is A LOT of Elaine in me.

Here’s what happened…

After the movie, we just lingered watching  the credits. We aren’t the only group doing that. When we finally get up there are about 6 other people in the movie theatre staring at the credits. Or maybe planning their next hip replacement.

Bookie #1 says very loudly, “OH THERE IS A GUY IN HERE.” We all just kind of look at her and giggle and then she says a bit quieter, “Oh, I guess I said that really loud.” And we all laugh, because it was really loud.

But, as we walk buy the GUY, we realize its not a guy. It’s a little old lady. And that is when I lose it. Out of control . Cannot keep it together. Laughing, snorting, crying. I even pushed Bookie #1 into a wall.

I really hope GUY/little old lady is deaf.