Slow Cousin

I just finished this book….

It’s a story of African American Slaves who are taken by their owners to spend their summers at a “resort” in the Northern United States.  It’s an okay read. It’s no Book of Negroes.

I was scared of reading The Book of Negroes for a long time.

Not because it would be a sad and disturbing.

Hello, this IS all about me.

But, because it looked too hard for me to read.  I was intimidated.  I am not ashamed to admit this, but I do spend a lot of time in my Book Group asking what words mean.  I’m not fishing here, but the women in my Book Group are quite a bit smarter than I am.  But, they treat me well.  Sort of like a slow cousin.

But, a really pretty slow cousin.

Who is really, really funny.

Jumping on my soap box for a minute…

I cannot believe how humans can treat each other. It breaks my heart everyday when I read the news. How can people continue to treat others with such a lack of respect.  Usually I end up feeling sick.  I’m tired of reading about abuse of children. I am tired of hearing about abuse of women.  It’s starting to feel like some sort of sick entertainment.

Okay, stepping off my soap box.

Here is another one I just finished….

I ended up having to put it down because I felt ill about the four year old brother.  So, I had to skim ahead, read what happened and then go back and finish it.  I liked it.  Worth the read.

And I would like to tell you a secret.

Did you know that just because you start to read a book you don’t have to finish it?


I just learned this.

A friend of mine said to me once, ” Do you turn off the t.v in the middle of a show or a movie because it sucks?”

 Me: ” Uh, ya..”

Then she drops, “Well, you can do that with a book.”

Me: “Really, no one ever told me this!”

Like I said, a slow cousin.

But, a really pretty and funny slow cousin.