Wishful Drinking

I love the title for this book.

Carrie Fischer is such a treat.

Yes, I am 80 years old.

To me, treat is a damn good thing. Like an drumstick. Ice cream or chicken.

I love Hollywood gossip.
I love blind item websites where you have to be a super sleuth.  I love being all Encyclopedia Brown on which star is sleeping with the cabana boys dog. It brings me alot of joy when I figure it out.  Will and Jada? Old news. Ashton and Demi? Those buggers tricked me.
Anywho. Lately I have become interested in old Hollywood scandals.  And I love that Debbie, Eddie and Liz were the original Jen, Brad and Angelina.
This  one was good too….

There is a great scene when Judd Nelson is making out with Liza Minelli and Melissa Gilbert and Rob Lowe are watching. At least I think it was Judd Nelson. Or some other brat packer. I’m too tired to fact check. I’m pretty sure it was Liza Minelli. Whatever. You get my point.
I’m super stoked to start this…