Christmas Ha Ha…

There are some super funny ladies putting some serious Christmas giggles into the universe. Read all 5 of these.  It is a combo of underwear around your neck, posing sexy under the Christmas tree, whining about being born at Christmas, Christmas gifts Mom’s really want like sports bra’s and giving no fucks. I love Mom stories at Christmas. If you dig some of these stories, then please give them a share.

Merry Kiss My Ass, enjoy!


Dear Santa, My Underwear Is Trying To Find Religion Holy Underwear, no problem! Make a headband.

Poor December babies, 25 Reasons It Sucks To Have A Christmas Birthday

One Christmas all my girlfriends gave their husbands, Glamour Shots. I personally wanted to puke.

If you like the word FUCK then this is the one for you, Dipmas

Momma needs boob support, The Running Moms Christmas List. 


I have found so many funny Christmas stories from some amazing women that I am turning this into a 3 part series.  Enjoy!



8 thoughts on “Christmas Ha Ha…

  1. I don’t get it? You dress up ridiculous, put on a pouty face and then you have to have sex on Christmas morning instead of staying in your jammies all day eating chocolate and watching a movie while arguing about whether the dog really needs a walk. That’s Christmas. That and dip. I am adopting the dipmas for sure. Please, I hope you get something other than bakewear for Christmas this year Kyla. Panties. You need panties and a really great support bra.

  2. Well thank you for including my post amongst here, Kyla! The others had me chuckling…and so did that Kristine lady who commented before me. In fact, she had me laughing over on my blog telling me she remember my boobs from Blissdom last year. Don’t ask 😉 Thanks again lady – for this…and for making me laugh often 🙂

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