Christmas Ha Ha…

There are some super funny ladies putting some serious Christmas giggles into the universe. Read all 5 of these.  It is a combo of underwear around your neck, posing sexy under the Christmas tree, whining about being born at Christmas, Christmas gifts Mom’s really want like sports bra’s and giving no fucks. I love Mom stories at Christmas. If you dig some of these stories, then please give them a share.

Merry Kiss My Ass, enjoy!


Dear Santa, My Underwear Is Trying To Find Religion Holy Underwear, no problem! Make a headband.

Poor December babies, 25 Reasons It Sucks To Have A Christmas Birthday

One Christmas all my girlfriends gave their husbands, Glamour Shots. I personally wanted to puke.

If you like the word FUCK then this is the one for you, Dipmas

Momma needs boob support, The Running Moms Christmas List. 


I have found so many funny Christmas stories from some amazing women that I am turning this into a 3 part series.  Enjoy!