Blissdom Canada Blogging Conference…

During my first few days of taking Radio Broadcasting in College, I will never forget the intense feeling of, “these people get me.”

Their brains were also filled with useless information that no one else on the planet really gave a hot damn about.

So, its been a while since I felt like I had found “my peeps”.

Until this last weekend at a blogging conference called Blissdom Canada

I know, I know.

A blogging conference.

Sounds stupid. Maybe even dull. It was none of those things. It was a damn dream.

Ever since I started blogging with my first posts. I knew I wanted to be part of something better. Something bigger.  Kind of like when Tom Arnold married Roseanne.

He hit the damn jackpot. Talk about a career boost.

What was I talking about?

Right, blogging conference….

So, I flew right across this damn country, not knowing a soul, all in the name of finding my “community.”

I didn’t sleep a wink the first night.

I mean it.

Whenever people say that to me, I always think that they are feeding me a bunch of bologna.

Okay. I am lying a bit. I am sure I slept for a total of 40 minutes.  It was a terrible night.

The next morning, I couldn’t quit pooping.

See, I wasn’t sick.  I am just a nervous pooper. Even when I was a little girl, my Mom would put me in Music Festivals and I would spend the last 10 minutes before my performance in a church washroom.


Speaking of pooping, that might have been one of the best parts of the trip. Having a Boom Boom in absolute peace. No one knocking at the door to show me a “owie” or a drawing or asking me “What’s for supper?”

Just me and the toilet

Now that is what I call pure Blissdom.

Any who…

As I made my way to the lobby, I joined a group of strangers and introduced myself. And within those 5 minutes, JulieTaraBrooke and Alisha became my “go to” people.

And they seemed to genuinely like me. They didn’t find me obnoxious or annoying.


Each of them introduced me to their roommates and blogging friends.

And I was home free.

I would love to post pictures, but I feel really friggn’ lazy.  Which is not something someone should say after attending a Blogging Conference.


Pictures of Jian Ghomeshi, and of me bumping chests with Ami McKay the author of The Birth House and The Virgin Cure. Pictures of me sipping on free Starbucks during the Mircosessions. Pictures of me totally out of my comfort zone and  playing Kinnect at the Microsoft Party and most importantly pictures of me dressing up in an “ I Love Lucy ” costume.  Even video of me talking about my blog online for the Marilyn Denis show.

Blog Conference Advice for Newbies

If complete strangers ask you to lunch…You go. You will make the most wonderful friends and contacts that will make you feel at home for the entire three days. Thanks Queen Mother Ladies.

If a complete stranger offers you a ride to a friends home…. You take it. You will be in awe of their blogging knowledge and generosity.

If two taxis full of women decide to go dancing at midnight…. You go. You will laugh until you cry.

Also, don’t get so boozy and over tired from the time change, that you are too exhausted to attend the newbies breakfast lunch and then lie to a woman you have come to adore, that you were there for her remarks.


And most importantly, when you are given free cookies from Presidents Choice, go to your room, take off all your clothes and eat those damn cookies on a white duvet.

Thank you Blissdom Canada. I’ll see you next year.