Two hours…

Sunday is Mothers Day.

I don’t want anything fancy.  Please no jewellery and definitely no flowers.

All I want is two hours.

Two hours by myself in the bathroom.

Two hours with no one pulling at the shower curtain.
Two hours with no one knocking on the door.
Two hours to shave any part of my body that I feel like shaving. 
Two hours to deep condition.
Two hours to use a loofah.
Two hours to use bubble bath.
Two hours to exfoliate.
Two hours without hearing the words, “Mommy” or “Are you done yet?”
Two hours with no one “going boom boom” while I have a bath.
Two hours to make my own “boom boom”.
My own boom boom?
On Sunday, I am going to have a “boom boom” with no one bothering me.  It will be the “boom boom” of all “boom booms”. It will be The Mother Of All Boom Booms!
Happy Mothers Day!