Fat Girl on Halloween…

I don’t like Halloween.

It’s not the scary movies.  Which I hate.  
It’s not the hangover from mini chocolate bars.  Which I love.
It’s the dressing up.
It is so not my thing.
It’s because I grew up as a fat kid.  Halloween stressed me the hell out of me. I hated it.  When I was really young my Mom made my costumes. And she was the best at it.  Anything creative my Mom was “The Bomb” at.  
Was that just an early pop culture term from the year 2002? 
Suck on that.

But as I got older, and fatter, I just damn well hated Halloween.

There was one shining moment, it was the year I dressed up as a Fried Egg.  I got it from Judy Blumes’ Blubber, which was pretty much my bible in Grade 5,6 and 7.

I know that doesn’t shock you. I have referenced this book a few times.

I have so many super sad Fat Girl stories. They will make you cry more than an episode of “Parenthood”.

Which speaking of, I am not happy with “Parenthood” right now. Cancer. Really….you had to give her cancer?  Like there isn’t enough drama in that bloody show.

Any who…

Where was I? Oh, Halloween.

This is the first time in my Adult Life that I am super excited about Halloween.

Want to know why?

Do you?

Huh. Huh?

Okay, I’ll tell you.

Here goes…..

I found Plussizecostumesupercenter.com

Technically that is not it’s name. But, I don’t care. I have never been so happy and so excited in my entire life.  Even more excited than my wedding.

Don’t tell Zed.

This is a super duper big deal for me.

A Plus Sized Costume Big Deal, if you will.

I don’t want to give away my costume because I am also going to be wearing it very soon at a Blogging Conference.  And last year, Jordon Knight from New Kids On The Block was at this conference, so a girl has got to look her best for Blissdom Canada.

It was really hard to choose. There was everything, from sexy to t.v characters, to biblical and occupational, to cowgirls and disco.

These were my Top 5 Picks of Plus Size Costume

Viva La Halloween!
Disclaimer:  I received a costume for the purpose of this review.  No cash’ola  The above opinions are my own.