25 Places in Canada Every Family Should Visit

I love Canada. I was raised to love Canada. Truly, I  think that my parents love Canada more than anyone else on earth. They didn’t go out of their way to teach their children to love Canada, it was part of our genetic makeup.

I must say, I am still shocked to this day when I meet people who have traveled to England but not Ottawa.

Say what? You need to stop that. You need to pack up the car and take your children to Parliament Hill. When your kid is in high school and there is an opportunity for them to go to Ottawa for a conference, send them.  If your school is planning a trip, suggest Ottawa.

Push for Quebec City. Push for Montreal. Push for Calgary. Push for Whitehorse. Push for Vancouver. Push for Halifax. Push for St. John’s. Push for Regina. Push for Canada.

Which leads me to this book…

25 Places In Canada Every Family Should Visit by Jody Robbins.

25 Places in Canada Every Family Should Visit


With Canada celebrating it’s 150th, there is no better time to explore this amazing country of ours. And Jody is just the woman to share her advice on the best places to visit, she also includes fantastic tips such as where to stay, where to eat, how to get around and also suggests books to read as a family to get you excited about your trip. The photos are stunning and the suggestions have us seriously debating a trip to Prince Edward Island to “dig for our dinner.”

I wish we had this book when we planned our family trip to Vancouver. Some of “Taste” recommendations of where to eat would have come in really handy.

I’ve also met Jody a few times and fully trust her opinion.

Want to know why?

Because Jody is a professional. She has travelled the world and contributed to publications like The Globe and Mail, Canada AM, Chatelaine, CBC and more plus you can find her on her award-winning blog.

I also like Jody because the first time I met her she was bar hopping on her bike on Calgary’s 17th Avenue. Now, that is a woman I can trust. Especially when it comes to 25 places in Canada every family should visit!