I Dig Being Canadian…

I do not know anyone who loves Canada more than the people who raised me.

My parents adore this country.

Summer & Fall 2013 062

They never forced us to love Canada, it was just our way of life.  CBC Radio was always playing. Family trips were always to museums. Canadian sporting events were always priority on the television. Books by Canadian authors scattered our home. Inukshuks, canoes, moose, northern lights and Canadian geese were decorations in our home before it was trendy.

I am not sure if I am passing this on to my children or not.

I mean, I love Justin Trudeau.

Like, love love.

But, I am not sure that is enough.

I am not sure that I promote Canadian culture enough in my home.

I guess we could start with introducing them to Canadian t.v.

Like Caillou…


Now before you get all goofy about Caillou, I dig that show. Especially the Dad. Yes, I think he is hot. Back off. 

My daughter loves Project MC2. I think it is important to tell her that her favourite show is filmed in her own province. I mean, how cool is that?!



And for me, I am just going to continue to love on my favourite Canadian boy.


Mr. Gosling to you.

Oh Canada….

ides of march

I wonder if Netflix is going to show Beachcombers any time soon?

Better yet, I could take them on a road trip to Gibsons, British Columbia to actually see where it was filmed.

Yeah, I love this country.