How Do You Find Me Time?

I struggle with finding “me” time. I struggle with the guilt. I really struggle with balancing being a work from home mom and a stay at home mom.  I struggle, especially after Christmas. December is an absolute write off for me. Work is busy, the kids are busy and Christmas is busy. So how do we do it?  How do we find me time?

Slowly I am trying to fit time for me into my day.


Take your lunch break . 

I usually eat lunch in front of my computer. Not anymore.  Hell no. Now, I log off, make a funky salad and park my ass in front of the t.v and watch one episode of Gilmore Girls. Just one, one is all I get.

Be active.

This photo is from this morning.  Yup, THIS MORNING. Yes, I have laundry to do. Yes, I have dishes to do. Yes, I have a website to update for a client. But, it can all be done this afternoon. First, I cross country ski with a friend.

Lock the door to your bathroom. 

There is no need for my children to come in and visit me while I remove the dead skin from my feet.  You can show me your drawing later. And since you are locked out, I might also go boom boom and brush my teeth.  And if I am feeling super adventurous, I might even wax something. I doubt it, but I might. I like to know that I have the option.


Plan Meals. 

Planning meals is a life changer for me. It might be silly to you. But for me, when I know what I am feeding my family for supper, I can feel easy about taking a Yoga Class. I feel okay about meeting my friends for sushi. If I can have supper planned for my family. all is good in my world. It lessens my guilt of having some time for me.  I made this slow cooker Mongolian Beef the other night and felt like a damn rockstar.

Pick your kids up from school 5 minutes early.

For me, I use that time to catch up with my friends and family.  I am pretty sure my cell phone provider loves when I do that. It can be a huge data suck. But those 5 minutes save me. I check Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and texts. It makes me feel more connected during an otherwise super hectic day. I feel so out of touch a lot of the time. This helps.


I know these tips aren’t going to work for everyone. But, they work for me. Hey, it’s a start.

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