I Made My Friends Take The Stayfree Challenge…

As many of you know, one of my most favourite blogging moments of all time was when I poured blue liquid on maxi pads in my living room. I know you probably think it is when my Christmas Sucks blog post went mini viral or when I hit Jillian Michaels on live t.v and had my breasts fondled by Tyra Banks.….



I had so much fun doing that challenge that I needed everyone else in the entire world to also share in my joy.

Like my husband. Listen, I know you are all tired of me talking about how cute he is. But really, how cute is he!? All dressed up in his little uniformy costumey outfit.



Seriously! I don’t even have to share with you how amazing Stayfree products are because you can actually see for yourself!

Back to my friends and Mommy’s Weird readers….

25 of them signed up to take the challenge for themselves.  AND CRACKED ME UP! So funny….




But seriously…

Everyone had the same results.

You do the math.

Now, some of you don’t know this but there is actually a surprise involved for those of you that took part in this challenge.

One of you is about to win a $200 gift card.


See, being my friend has a ton of perks!


Drumroll please….



Thanks Weirdies for being part of this. You are all so much and I appreciate every single one of you for being here and supporting Mommy’s Weird. It means the world to me. I might be crying blue liquid tears…



Someone pass me a Stayfree pad to dry my tears. 

It’s seriously no wonder why I am part of such a ridiculous campaign. As you all know, I only take part and accept perks from companies and brands that I think are awesome, creative and let me be me.