Who Reads Blogs…

Who the hell reads blogs anymore?

Things have changed. Do any of you even have book marked sites anymore? And if you do, I bet you only go to a few of them.

For me, I pretty much only go to blogs that Facebook tells me to go and look at. All hail the mighty Facebook. “Oh, my friend shared this, I am going to go read it. Wow, that has 500000 likes, it much be good. Oh, what a great photo of that kid throwing up on himself, I need to read that.”

As more and more of us rely on social media to steer us to what we like, it makes me appreciate those of you that take the time to come and read Mommy’s Weird.

So who the hell are you?

Well, let me tell you..

In 2015 you are many things, but mostly I like to know where you live;

10. Waterloo, ON

9. Kelowna,  BC

8. Edmonton, AB

7. Ottawa, ON

6. Winnipeg, MB

5. Brandon, MB

4. Vancouver, BC

3. Toronto, ON

2. Calgary, AB

1. Cranbrook, BC

I also have a crap load of Americans who visit too.

5. Dallas

4. Houston

3. Los Angeles

2. Chicago

  1. New York

Most of you that come to Mommy’s Weird, come once for a quick hit via Facebook and then you leave me, like a ripped up cardboard toberlone package beside the coffee table while watching House Hunters International. But, many of you keep coming back for more and I adore you for it.

2015 has been by far the BIGGEST year in views for Mommy’s Weird. Mostly because of my breasts. But, you did come to read other things, too.

 Here is where you came from in 2014.