BlissDom Canada 2015…

I’ve been finding myself at a loss of words lately.

I know. Shocking. Let me explain….

I get teased by my friends for blogging, like ALL. THE. TIME.  It doesn’t bother me. It just pretty much confirms why I have to go to BlissDom Canada every year. You see, BlissDom Canada is THE premiere Social Media Conference in Canada.  It’s where I can talk about seo, analytics, content creation, blogger out reach, fam trips, jpegs and opp’s with other people who get it.

I have attended and blogged about my experiences in 2012, 2013 and 2014. (I also do and say some really stupid things each and ever year, so my wrap up posts are always entertaining as all hell).

Back to my loss of words, which has apparently dissipated…..

BlissDom Canada recently had a ‘call out’ for alumni to share their success stories. There is so much that I can say about my experience at BlissDom Canada that I find it really hard to write it all down or put it all on video.

So I tried…


And then I won. Which I was truly humbled by.  I wasn’t sure how my video would come across.

I go to BlissDom Canada to be with like minded people.

I go to meet co workers in real life.

I go to meet old friends.

I go to meet new friends.

I go to learn.

I go to make connections that lead into work.

I go to ask questions.

I go to dance.

I go to laugh.

I go.

If anything that you have read from me has caused a “ping” in your belly. Then you need to go too.

ps. Early Bird Tickets are still on sale.

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