Blissdom Canada 2014….

I wrote a post during Blissdom Canada this year and promised to finish it for you…



Each and every year I find it very hard to put the experience into words. The reason I cannot do this is because Blissdom Canada is beyond me.  It is beyond anything that I experience the other 362 days of the year.

It’s a place where I am truly myself.

This year I learned this….

There are moments that I speak when I should listen.

That I tend to listen when I should really speak.

And that my words are very important.

I encourage you to go to the website and read about the conference to get an idea about what it is about. I also highly suggest that you read other posts from the other attendees about that Blissdom Canada means to them.

I know that is a total cop out.

But, truly its all I got.

This is my third year attending Blissdom Canada.

I was also beyond honoured to be asked back as a Community Leader.  Please, please, please, please invite me back. I know I might have messed up a tad this year..

I am really sorry about stealing that bottle of Kahlua.

Or the thing with Tim Hortons.

Oh and that inappropriate picture I took in the Lentils photo booth.

Crap, and getting stranded at the Outlet malls and having to get the organizers to come and pick us up with a Chevrolet Tahoe.

I also stole a ton of Viva paper towel.

I am super story about showing up late for my appointment with Camp Tech.

Ooooo. I also told the lady at Unicef Canada to quit teasing me and tell me what was in the DAMN BOX ALREADY!

I probably shouldn’t have walked up to Church & Dwight and demanded to not have to spin the wheel for the prize and just have the trojan condoms.

And even more sorry for telling the Maven Social guy that his chart looked like the female reproductive system.

Oh Crap, I just remembered that I insulted the lovely Nadine of Dress Mavens and told her that “small business owners are a real pain in the ass”.

I also know that I probably should NOT have asked the husband of one of the owners of Splash Media Engagement to take his shirt off.

I am really sorry about that male stripper thingy that happened. It wasn’t my idea. But, it was awesome and I loved every minute of it.

Shit, you really aren’t going to have me back are you.

But look how pretty I am?


photo (54)


Thanks again to the lovely gang at Penningtons for their support of attending and looking like a damn babe at the conference. ROWR, RIGHT?!