Blissdom Canada To Be Continued….


I’m here at Blissdom Canada!

photo (63)

I am so happy!

So, so, so happy!

That’s enough exclamation marks, eh.

Blissdom Canada 

I wonder if I can get Penningtons to start carrying this shirt?! I cried when I saw this. To make a long story short, her shirt lies…..

photo (71)


And I am in love with the gang from Camp Tech who helped me with some small blogging problems and ensure me that the problems I was really having were actually small blogging problems. And they taught me how to fix them. KISS KISS.

I have so much more to tell you, but I am actually about to be 3 minutes late for a wine date with a brand, listening to my friends next door make dolphin noises, adjusting a Facebook event for a client and feeling incredibly confident in my Penningtons gear. that I have to run.



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