Career First or Kids First….

A few years ago I was on a group Mommy walk and we opened up quite a bit about how we were feeling about being Mom’s.  One big subject for us was about mat leave, staying at home and the loss of our careers. One of the Mom’s said something that I will never forget.


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8 thoughts on “Career First or Kids First….

  1. I love that your mom friend admitted this. I myself am a working out of the home mom and I have some of the same struggles in that the career I did all that schooling for isn’t what I’m doing now because I need the stability that this job provides versus going back to the field I studied in before I dicided to have kids. There’s never a right way to do things, I just get through it by knowing that the hard times won’t last forever.

  2. I’m going to be an older Mom. Next year I turn 35, and I’m still not pregnant. Right now, I’m unemployed (a stay at home dog-Mom so to speak lol).

    I cannot WAIT to be a Mother. I’m thinking I’m going to be okay being a stay at home Mom. Hopefully. Soon.

  3. Hmm. Definitely an interesting perspective. I’ve always been extremely career-oriented, but as my boyfriend want a baby eventually, it’s entirely possible that I’ll end up an older mom (if he convinces me). It kind of feels like it would be a loss of identity if I did become a mom, instead of being career focused.

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