This Task Light Saved My Sanity

I get super overwhelmed with my kids at night. I find that after a long day of parenting in the summer that I don’t have much to give after I wash the supper dishes. I get short with them. I get a bit rude. I can lose it.

I don’t get it.

Just go to bed.

I especially don’t get it when we are camping. I mean, they just had 3000 hours outside swimming, kayaking, riding bikes, walking the dog, digging in the dirt, roasting hot dogs, fishing, playing cards, making smores and you still want to act like monkeys on meth at bedtime?!

I don’t get it at all.

So this particular night, I was pretty ticked when our tent trailer interior light decided not to work. I told my daughter to turn on her flashlight to which she announced that she has to do everything (DON’T LOSE IT) and that the batteries were dead (REALLY DON’T LOSE IT). So thankfully I had packed the ONEPWR Cordless Task Light to take some blogger photos. I mean, I planned on using the task light to write a blog post, but I didn’t know I was going to be in a situation where I NEEDED to save my sanity while putting the kids to bed.

I turned on the Cordless Task Light and all the freaking out my kids were doing 2 seconds before magically stopped, therefore saving my sanity.

The night was saved.  This photo kills me. I took it for my husband who was at the next campsite over chilling out and enjoying a few beverages while I attempted to put our little turkeys down for the night.

These photos are not edited and there is not a flash on my iPhone. Pretty bright, eh!

And now the most wonderful news, I get to give away a ONE PWR Cordless Task Light!

First, read about it and then enter below. Please note the contest ends on September 9, 2019 and is only open to Canadians.


  • Adjustable rotating head directs the light beam up, down and all around.
  • Maximum LED lighting: the brightest light powered by 130 lumens.
  • Integrated hanging hook: makes it easy to store anywhere.
  • Comfort grip handle: for easy use anytime, anywhere.
  • 16+ hours of continuous power with a 3.0 Ah battery.
  • 3 Year-Limited Warranty.
  • AVAILABLE EXCLUSIVELY AT CANADIAN TIRE- please note that the battery and charger are sold separately.

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We were gifted these products by Hoover Canada, but all the opinions are fully my own.