Hoover OnePWR

I’m a sucker for easy. Rarely do I take the hard route for anything. Smarter not harder would be my motto for pretty much everything in my life.

Duh. Who wouldn’t?!

That’s why I am super excited to share that I will be working with Hoover to introduce their amazing cord free Cleaning System Range called OnePwr. This system has every product that you need for both indoors and outdoors, it is whole home clean. Plus it is all powered by advanced Lithium-ion technology so it can run a little longer and have superior fade-free suction.

Sidenote: How do I get myself to become Fade Free? I mean it. Man, summer is long and exhausting.


Here’s what I think is going to be super cool and a perfect example for working smarter and not harder.

Wait for it….

Each appliance comes equipped with a lithium battery that is compatible to every product in the OnePwr range, so if one battery is charging (which take only 3. 5 hours to charge), you can just pop a battery from another unit into whatever device you are using.


I’m really excited to get to try out all these OnePWR products by Hoover and can’t wait to give you my honest opinion on their function, value and necessity of these cord-free, high-performance cleaning products that share the same battery.

For the next few months I will be trying out  the Floormate Jet, Blade +, Spotless Go, Wet/Dry Vaccum, Hand Vaccum, High performance Blower and the LED Task Light. Already I am having a bit of fear in misplacing a battery, but at least there will always be a back up one in our house! Whew.


Plus, with each review, I am going to be giving away OnePWR Hoover Products for you to experience, too!  If you are interested in buying yourself a OnePWR, the powerhouse in cordless cleaning, the products will be available exclusively at Canadian Tire.

We were gifted these products by Hoover Canada, but all the opinions are fully my own.