T-Fal Actifry Potato Chips

I love making Potato Chips in my T-Fal Actifry. Our kids love them too. They cannot get enough of them. When I make them they gobble them up very quickly and they always want me to make more the next day. I totally cannot blame them. These are easy to make and super tasty.

I’ve been experimenting with a few different types of root vegetable chips, the first was Sweet Potato Chips. I also love to use it for chicken wings.


T-Fal Actifry Potato Chips

T-Fal Actifry Potato Chips


8 medium Potatoes

Oil of your choice, I prefer Olive Oil, but be adventurous!

Salt or seasoning of your choice. I like garlic salt.


Slice potatoes into medallion sized pieces, like chips.

Lay out on tea towel and pat excess moisture off of chips with another towel. It is important that you do this. Sometimes I roll them up in a couple of towels and pat/squeeze/roll.

Put in T-Fal Actify in layers

Add one green spoonful of oil of your choice.(If you don’t have the spoon that comes with the T-Fal Actifry, use 2 tablespoons of oil.)

Close Lid.

Set T-Fal Actifry for 50 minutes.

After 40 minutes you may find that your small, thin pieces of Potato are ready. If you have thicker chips, you may need 10 more minutes.

Remove from T-Fal Actifry and add salt or seasoning of your choice.

Seal in an airtight container and enjoy within a few days.

If you overcook, have no fear, these taste okay overcooked. But, not all root vegetables do, so if you are experimenting be careful with that while making these T-fal Actifry Potato Chips

T-Fal Actifry Potato Chips

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