Would You Have Said Something…

I have the reputation of getting into conflict like Elaine on Seinfeld. But, you would be totally shocked at how often I do not speak my mind.  So many times I want to and I force myself to shut up. Is it really my job to tell someone they are stupid? Probably not. But, in this case, I couldn’t shut up. My son was with me and I was not going to let him hear someone talk derogatory about themselves and women in general.


The thing I took away from this is that the woman who made the comment, immediately regretted it. She knew it sounded stupid. She was aware of our ingrained it is in our culture to make fun of herself solely for the fact that she is a woman.  And I know she regretted it after she said it.

That’s one step.

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4 thoughts on “Would You Have Said Something…

  1. I suspect maybe that she just said it as a immediate sort of reaction without thinking. You know how there are some little phrases and saying and reactions that you just have heard over time and you blurt them. Like the little things that your own parents said to you. Lately I catch myself saying little things my Mom would have said and then I think HOLY crap seriously Paula – you are not in the 1970s…where did that come from? Good for you for saying something Kyla and for reminding her in that moment to rethink her internal script about women and women drivers. Lately I do that to myself a lot…but with the kids…because I catch myself saying something that is not negative towards women at all but that is something completely innocuous in my head which comes out sometimes and then I think wait how would I have interpreted that if I were a 14-year-old girl again? Anyways this reminds me again that I need to stay on top of that – my filter is wearing down as I get older and sometimes those dumb little things come out.

  2. Ugh, I so get where she is coming from because I have said similar things…it’s like this immediate reaction that IS ingrained which is sad. I’m trying to be much more aware of what I say too…women are amazing and we should speak of us as such!

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