Forget Diamonds…

I am the kind of woman who gets ticked off at her husband when he sends flowers to the house.

Ungrateful? Sure.

Call me that.

For me the romance is gone because I cannot help but think of the cost of the flowers and how much delivery must have cost.  So it annoys me.  I would rather have a $7 bouquet from Safeway.

Or lube.


I’ve gone too far haven’t I?

As you all know I am an Ambassador for Church & Dwight Canada. That means they send me products to try out and I get to choose which items I want to share with all my Weirdies.

Since Valentine’s Day is coming up, I have decided to share with you something they sent me. Now try not to get the giggles. I mean it.


Here we go….

Mix it up. Monotony and routine are common sexual concerns in relationships. In a recent Trojan™ survey, most participants agreed that they are more interested in trying new things to enhance pleasure than they were ten years ago. So go ahead – try something new!

Give Lube a Try! Haven’t used lube in a while? Or never? Personal lubricants have come a long way over the past decade. Innovations in lubricants include Trojan™ Arouses and Releases™ and Arouses and Intensifies™ for a whole new kind of orgasmic experience. Purchase a variety of lubricants, including water-based and silicone and explore what you like best for oral sex, vaginal sex, and manual stimulation.

Get some exercise. Even a little. Cardiovascular exercise before sex gets your blood flowing – and enhanced blood flow can lead to enhanced orgasm. Also, you’ll feel good about yourself for being active – being active increases self-esteem and body image and makes you a more confident sex partner.

Don’t neglect your sexual health. Research shows your sexual health impacts your overall well-being. In a recent Trojan™ survey, 87 per cent of women and men agreed that their sexual health contributes to their overall health and well-being. That means taking time for you!

Snuggle a little longer. Though sex is relaxing enough to send us all to a blissful sleep, don’t nod off instead of sharing a few extra moments together. In a recent Trojan™ survey, individuals who reported over 20 minutes of post-sex affectionate behaviour were the most likely to report that their encounter was “very pleasurable.” And this was especially true for men! So go for it – bask in the after-glow!

Don’t underestimate the value of foreplay. Kissing and hugging before sex is associated with a more pleasurable experience! In a recent Trojan survey, for men, 11-15 minutes of foreplay was most strongly associated with “very pleasurable” sex. For women, 16-20 minutes was the “sweet spot.” So don’t rush into sex. You’ll enjoy it more if you build up the passion and feel more connected to your partner.

Did you giggle?

I just can’t help myself.

Thanks again to Church & Dwight for all the lube, I mean personal products.