My Living Room….

Remember when I was updating my living room and I posted a “How To Whitewash Your Fireplace”.

That was weird, eh.

You don’t come to Mommy’s Weird to see me do home reno’s or how to’s. You come here because….


I don’t know why you come here. I don’t really care, actually. Just keep coming, pretty please.


Want to see my new favourite thing in the entire world?

You do?


Bouncing off the walls


That’s a giant Zed.

I got it from Bouncing Off The Walls.

Instead of having it shipped, I picked it up in Calgary and sort of crapped my pants that it would not fit in The Min. (The Min is what I call our mini van. It makes me feel hip)

But it did!


Guess what?

It’s not metal.

I had it done so it looked like it, and everyone freaks out when they see it. It’s so damn awesome.

Now that I have started with the letters, I am a bit addicted. I want some small ones now to put all over my house like Doing All The Things …

sarahs wall

Here is some other shizzle that I love from Bouncing Off The Walls….




Just so you know, Kristina that owns this business is my friend.  I absolutely adore my giant Zed, it makes me feel super trendy. Her work is amazing. And I am very thankful that I married a man whose last name starts with Zed and not U. Nothing against anyone whose name starts with U. I just don’t want a giant U in my house. You can have it in your house, just not mine.