How To Whitewash Your Fireplace…

Our fireplace makes me twitchy.

I could no longer handle the 1980’s slate/rock.

I could no longer handle the orange. Especially since we had the walls painted this lovely blue on Tuesday.

So, I googled, I pinterested and I stalked my friends blogs.

And then I did this….

How to Whitewash your fireplace


How to Whitewash Your Fireplace

– 1/2 cup white acrylic latex paint

– 1/2 cup water


You will need rags, paper towel, paint brush.

I wanted to keep the grey border around the rocks so it was very important to have a wet rag to sop up the drips.  The paint is runny and it sprays, so be prepared to clean up while you paint. At times I would stress out about the paint job and then lightly brush the painted rock with a paper towel to give it the look that I wanted. The first few rocks, I was sure this was a terrible mistake. But, once I took a step back and looked again, I was cool with the look.

I love it.

I am so happy. And it took under 2 hours to do.

Now what colour should I paint the mantle?

Disclaimer: I have never ever posted a DIY on Mommy’s Weird EVER. This just feels wrong. But, I am so damn proud I just had to share! I wouldn’t expect more of these. But, sometimes I cook wonderful things. Click on these Weird Recipes