Easter In One Swoop…

We’re sick.

It’s been days.

The cough. I tell you. I am so tired of it.

IMG_0414Not only was I sweatn’ a fever.  I was also sweatn’ Easter.

Excuse me while I cough…

Okay. I am back.

As you can tell, I look pretty rough. Shopping was the last thing I wanted to do. I just needed to get everything all at once and just have it over and done with. Last year I did the entire shebang at Walmart so I knew that was not only going to be the most efficient for me, but the best for our buck.

I was pretty surprised at the selection for just $1.

easter treats


And as always the food prices were super affordable for our family plus our guests. I love the easy route. I love buying a fancy dressing and then marinating mixed vegetables in it for the day.  I am also going to make an amazing sweet potato poof.  The recipe requires marshmallows.


And will probably give everyone a tummy ache.


salad  yams

I was trying to stay under $100 this year and I totally did it. Even with getting the kids the most adorable little Easter outfits EVER.


Look at all the stripes.



Easter Gifts


I am also attempting to make Hot Cross Buns this year.

I know.

Its probably the cold medicine that made me do it.

Excuse me, I have to cough again.


I figure as long as I have ham, bean casserole, marinated veggies, stuffing, yams, and scalloped potatoes, I don’t think anyone will notice if the hot cross buns taste like burnt trees.

Easter Dinner


Hey, if you would like to check out my Easter shop at Walmart you can by checking out Mommy’s Weird on instagram and twitter.  Thanks to Walmart for their support.  I also thank you for making our Easter manageable with everything in one place. Cough, cough.