My Favourite Work Outs….

If I had known posting my favourite work outs with Jillian Michaels would actually lead me to a t.v show with Tyra Banks and end up with me actually hitting Jillian, I might have done it earlier 😉

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When I am not on holidays or hosting company, I work out on average 5x a week. I don’t work out for my body.

Which is obvious here….


Kyla's Body


I work out for my head. Exercise enables me to do things that I might not be able to do.  It is my medicine. It calms me. It energizes me. It make me happy. It keeps me well.

Which is obvious here….

Kyla Happy

I try to cross country ski 2x a week and Zumba a few times a month. And when I can I fill in for a Wally ball team.  But, those events take over an hour. Ain’t nobody got time for that!

Now that the kids are 4 and 6 it is much easier for me to work out.  I don’t like my kids to watch too much television, but they do watch for 45 minutes everyday, so I can work out and then take a sponge bath like an old lady and then douse myself in lotion so I smell like I am clean.

Before I show you my favourite work outs, what are you guys wearing when you work out? I’ve heard that Fabletics, you know the one with the Kate Hudson commericials, is awesome. Any of you try that out? I found a review on Fabletics that makes it sound pretty fantastic!

So this is what I am into: fast, easy workouts.

I really like The CafeMom Studio Workouts. They are quick, not annoying and if I do want to drop a few pounds this is the video that will usually do it.  I also wish my home looked like their workout studio. Wahhhhhh! First World Work Out Problems.





If I am going to jump on treadmill for 30 minutes at a whopping speed of 3.5, then I will always try to throw in a quick 10 minute work out for arms, legs, abs or my booty.  I really like the POPSUGAR Fitness videos for this purpose. I do swear on a bag of Oreo Cookies that they almost killed me once.




Ya’ll know I love Jillian Michaels. I do her videos so often that my kids often ask when we can go to her house. No joke. They truly believe she is one of our friends.  For the record she kind of is, remember when she broke my bra and then tweeted me…?

I have been doing her 30 day Shred for 4 years. I truly believe it can change your life. I have only done level 3, four times. Mainly because I don’t have a death wish and she is a bit scary.

And because I am feeling optimistic about HIIT. I did this today. And I survived. You have to get over the fact that the guy sounds like Eeyore, but Fitness Blender work outs have something for everyone. Even for 220 lb Weird Mom’s.




I need you to know that this was not sponsored. I know that I have been doing lots of those lately. And even when I do a sponsored post, I am super picky about what I do and would never dupe you. EVER. I was inspired by a friend who recently wrote about a 30 day yoga challenge.  PLEASE NOTE: If you hurt yourself in anyway doing these videos it is not my fault, but call me and I will take you out for a full fat Frapuccino from Starbucks.

p.s if you dug all those YouTube videos, then you should probably check out my channel and subscribe. I am hilarious. Adorable. Super Smart. Modest.