Don’t Over Charge Me For Vodka…

I tend to embarrass my friends.

I am not a person that has to be right.

But, when I feel I may have been wronged; I just can’t shut up about it.

I also may have embellished this greatly.

I apologize in advance to my friends husbands who may not like to be called, “cheapies.”  May I suck up a bit and tell you how handsome, smart and handy you are….?



If you could handle that 2:51 seconds, you might likes these video too.

12 thoughts on “Don’t Over Charge Me For Vodka…

  1. Oh, so maybe your girlfriends drive to the next town to get the more expensive gas for their cars, not the cheap gas (i.e. same stuff, different label) down the road?? They better learn to stand up on their own two legs. Wow. I’m with you on this one!!!;)

  2. So did you go to t’s or the farmhouse bistro? I’m with you on the overpricing for price for doubles. Not worth it.
    Btw. How much was a drink that isn’t on special?

    1. It was T’s. The food was AMAZING. The drink was fantastic. The server was great. I just like to prove a point when I feel I am wronged. Martini’s with 2 shots were like $7.95 or something. Not to be cheap, but yes to be cheap, had I known an extra shot was going to cost so much, I would have downed 4 martinis and then asked to be rolled home.

  3. a) You’re way too cute. I do need to go watch more of your vlogs.
    b) I think you may have been going on and on about the price of the drink because you were overcharged but also because you were probably half crocked after 6 shots of vodka…just speculating… 🙂 Totally missed you.

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