Suitcase Cleaning….

My friends are just slaying me on Facebook.

Recently it was the marijuana to fresh farm eggs event and now this….

Actual Facebook Post:

It’s been a strange phenomenon for the past 8 weeks for me. My partner decided that he was going to help out around the house since I was in the middle of 3 projects and feeling overwhelmed. In a matter of an hour each week he has had our house dusted, floors washed, and everything put away neat and tidy. This takes me, on average, 3-4 hours. I haven’t been sure HOW this was getting achieved, but I didn’t care. I figured he was just better at it than me.

Today I decided to do a deep and hearty clean. The clutter in a small Toronto house needs to be kept in check. As I started to move random suitcases around our house I have begun to understand the method and magic to his madness. They were very heavy –

Imagine all of the words that rhyme with ‘tucker’. Ya – that.


And….my salad bowl. Oh my. I haven’t even hit the basement.

salad bowl


I am thinking about making this a series on Mommy’s Weird

What do you think?

“Crap My Friends Post on Facebook”

No one will be safe.

p.s Are you following me on Facebook?  Because you should.  Its been banana’s. I hardly even write over at BLUNTmoms and those hussies pimped me out. When I reach 5,000 fans I promise to post a photo of me naked in ranch dressing.