Who Am I…..

Growing up can kind of suck. Mostly, it’s all sorts of awesome and hilariousness.

I laugh at myself and my friends constantly.

Case in point?

My friends ‘ Facebook Status:

“I used to call a number for a friend of a friend of a friend for weed. Tonight I did it trying to track down farm fresh eggs.”

Can we just laugh about this for a moment?



Give me a second.



Even if you didn’t smoke weed, I am sure you can relate to this.  I catch myself doing and saying things that I never expected.  Things that “Old Kyla” would be appalled at.

Things like;

-eating my kids half eaten brown apple.

-getting drunk off one beer.

-using my bare hand to wipe poop off my kids butt.

-haggling over a used step machine.

-farting in my husband’s face.

Wait. That last one was too far wasn’t it.

I’m sorry.

I take that one back.

That didn’t happen.

It definitely didn’t happen twice.