My Hoarding Problem…

I can joke about my hoarding because it is NOT yet a problem.

I don’t go to the closest store and buy 45 Christmas Cookie cutters because they are 5 cents each.

That’s crazy talk.

I would only buy 3.

I do however, love to hoard furniture.

And I have been totally addicted to checking out furniture on


Lately I have been staring at these 2 pieces.

I want them.

Deacons bench dresser

But, I also like kooky stuff.


Who would sell this stuff?

It is awesome. I need that frog.

I found all this shizzle on

Frog Sculpture  29692984_614 38470640_614  machete


I got a bit addicted to the Arts & Antiques and Hobbies & Collectibles categories because I was looking for these…

10574314_666914793398705_3021027303148475474_n   10152391_605198576236994_1485009759_n   1239546_605479796208872_127286975_n


I lurve scrubits.

I need more of them.




So now I am trolling all the sites so that I may have all the Scrubits in the World. Because seriously, no one posts scrubits on the want ads. is THE place to find all the nutty things my brain needs. And I like how they do their categories. It just is super organized and I like that. Because then my scrubit addiction can continue a bit easier.

They will be mine MUAHAHAHAHAHA!

I got some perks for telling you all about, but you are gonna get some too. If you enter their Winning Personality contest, then you could win $500 cold cash or a Samsung Galaxy Tab 3. Good Luck!