I Like Stuff…

Just all the stuff.

I always have. It’s not so much that items are sentimental to me, it’s just that I always think that something is going to come in handy.

Yarn? I should keep this in case we have to cat sit.

Golf balls? Oh, I will give those to my Dad when I see him in three months.

Mason jar? Hmm…I have always thought about canning.

Green paper clip? That might help me organize my taxes.

Empty toilet roll? CRAFTS!

Lately, my new obsession is furniture.

I will take any piece of furniture that is offered to me.

I am a furniture hoarder.

Don’t judge me.

I might need it someday.

Or maybe I will be one of those annoying DIY’ers and take a bunch of stupid photos of my before and after.

I hate DIY’ers.

Mostly because they have this amazing gene that helps them follow through with a plan.

I am missing that gene.

Currently I have three dressers, two bedside tables, an old door and three chairs that I am planning to strip and paint.

Yup, full on furniture hoarder.

Happy Hoarder

But I am a Happy Hoarder.

Wanna know how I know that? I took the “What’s your BIG deal personality quiz” on UsedEverywhere.com .

The quiz is actually pretty hilarious in itself. You should do it. You can find it here! You could end up winning a Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 or $500 cash!

And if you end up being a Happy Hoarder maybe we could do some tradesies on some of my crap, I mean furniture.


But, now I have a new addiction that is not helping my new furniture hoarding ways. It’s called UsedKootenays.com, but you can find the closest city to you by going here on UsedEverywhere.com.

If you are looking for me, I am hiding in my room just surfing the site, looking for more stuff to buy so that I can quit being a Happy Hoarder and maybe eventually be a DIY Diva.


No really.

A girl can dream, right?

FYI: I am taking part in the UsedEverywhere.com summertime campaign. It’s lots of fun and I am finding some really cool stuff and am a super Happy Hoarder.



8 thoughts on “I Like Stuff…

  1. My husband and I are serial purgers. Which is fine unless one of us gets rid of something that belongs to someone else! Yep! That happened! Then we learned to only get rid of our own stuff! Or ask first!

  2. haha! The Happy Hoarder … good one! I do admire your collection of dressers though. Very nice. I am the person who would have sold them to you 🙂 I like clearing my place of things quickly and pocketing the cash for cute shoes or whatnot. The quiz is definitely fun and I got The Savvy Spender.

  3. I would be a serious hoarder, if the bf and I didn’t have a strict one-in-one-out rule. It helps that we’re in a small-ish apartment that is already too crowded with our stuff.

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