Spokane With Kids

My dentist took all of his kids to Mexico. I think he has like 7 kids or something. When he told me this I gagged.  And not the usual dentist gag. I choked because that is my version of hell. All those kids on the plane?  Trying to find food that will get them to finally poop?  Getting all those hyper things to bed? I prefer something within close driving range, like Spokane!


But, this trip might have helped me change my tune. I did say “might”….

Enter Visit Spokane.

With stop at the border, pee breaks, American chocolate bar pick ups and a much needed play at Discovery Playground….

Discovery Playground  Discover Playground 2  Discovery Playground 3

…it took us about 6 hours to get to Spokane, Washington and just second from the highway to find our hotel, Red Lion at the Park.  At first when we drove into the hotel, we could tell the location was great. But, we had not idea how great until we did some exploring! I mean look at the photos.  You leave the hotel, you walk across the bridge and BOOM you are in the Riverfront Park.

spokane with kids  Red Lion 3  Red Lion6


I know there are probably 15 hotels in Downtown Spokane that are worthy of your hard earned money. But, this is where our family will stay each and every time.  Mostly for location. A great location to stay in Spokane with kids.

But, also for the pool.

That pool was a damn party. We were in the outdoor AND indoor pool e-v-e-r-y-d-a-y.

Not only is there a water slide and waterfall, but there is also a poolside bar and canteen.

Sure, I was having a great time with the kids. But, it was truly awesome to sit and have a beer and feel like I was on a holiday, too.

I ended up calling the pool, “Mini Vegas”.

Red Lion 2  Spokane with kids Red Lion 7

So where was I?

Oh, I haven’t even really told you about our first full day yet…

So, the kids woke up at 4:13 am.

I know.


We took advantage of our room fridge and microwave and had breakfast in the room before heading out to the SkyRide.  We were warned to get there early because due to heat they shut those little bubbles down early. So we were among the first to arrive at 9 am for our 20 minute thrill. If there is one thing that you do decide to check out while in Spokane, THIS would be it.

Sky Ride 1  Sky Ride 2  Sky Ride 3

Riverfront Park is absolutely amazing. You do need a full day to take advantage of everything it has to offer. Luckily for us we had lots of time and the kids weren’t acting like drunk monkeys that we truly enjoyed our time there. I didn’t even have to do an embarrassing time out in the Women’s Washroom?!


Park 3 Park 4  Park 6 Park1  Park 2 10570351_663975157026002_5995801308043167344_n


I have so much more cool stuff to tell you about our trip to Spokane. But, I will leave you with this little taste….

Park 5I KNOW.



Cool eh?!

Stay tuned for Part 2!

And in case you were curious, I did receive some perks in exchange for blog posts and social media shizzle. But, as usual, I would never lie to you about stuff. If this trip was terrible, I would totally have told you. Because I love you.