The Weird’s Do Spokane II…

We did so much on this trip I am finding it kind of hard to remember.  You know how everyone is writing those “Gratitude” posts on Facebook. Well, today I am thankful for iPhones, because without them I would totally forget the order of our days on our family trip to Spokane. I’m getting old, yo.

Here is The Weird’s Do Spokane Part 1 if you missed it.

Something else we totally dug was going for a free carriage ride around downtown Spokane.  They do this in the summer every Friday from 5 to 9 pm.  Super fun and super popular, but don’t worry running into a line up is pretty rare.

10580119_664120240344827_766789688548570556_n 1235007_664120183678166_2195080298471912256_n

When you visit you must go to the Mobius Children’s Museum. Its perfect for kids under the age of 8. For older kids, you should take them to the Mobius Science Centre.  And yes, that is a little door for kids….


10378124_664457433644441_1396819552300550794_n  Mobius   1794827_664457580311093_6092484196135174666_n


10556263_664457496977768_5938313371131726177_n   10404884_664457640311087_899350543167289659_n

Mobius 2   Mobius3  Mobius 4

Because it was super hot, like any good parents, we had a battle plan that we were a bit flexible with.  We wanted to spend the mornings and evenings outside and try to do indoor activities in the afternoon when the heat was at its most.

Next we checked out a movie at River Park Square  (both kids fell asleep in the theatre.  It was a 1 pm matinee. Are you kidding me!?)….

Movie  10403586_664775300279321_4620659094670536891_n


….and also Spokane Public Library for a story time and they also had a pretty cool display on Wild Weather.


library  10550938_664463410310510_1920409541343079807_n

So all this was pretty awesome, right?

Zed and I win parents of the year don’t ya think…?

Don’t ya?

But, guess what? I still haven’t told you about there most favourite part of the trip. It would be super hilarious if I told you it was when we ordered pizza into the room, eh.



They absolutely went crazy at the Amusement Rides at Riverfront Park.  I even overheard Whirlwind at the park today talking about how she went on a family holiday and was on a plane.  I mean technically she was, but….

spokane 7     spokane 5

spokane 4  Spokane 3  Spokane 2

And if you ask Baby Bot what he liked the best about our trip to Spokane, he will tell you, “I go round and round and round and round and up and down on a horsie.”

He’s talking about The Loof Carousel. It originated in 1909 and is NOT to be missed. It is also awesome because most Mom’s sit on the benches and enjoy a well deserved break while the Dad’s deal with the sweaty, snarly, stinky kids.

Spokane 1

We had an awesome time. It’s so nice that the kids are finally at an age where we can have fun with them and not worry about packing pablum, teething toys, playpens, baby carriers, diapers and wipes.  This trip will be by far the highlight of our summer vacation.  But, we have plans to go back already to see Cat Tales Zoo.

Actually, who am I kidding?

Next time I go, its going to be a Mom’s Go Wild Trip and we are for sure going to check out a concert or a show.

Whose in?

Thanks so much to everyone in Spokane who helped make this trip possible.  I did receive some amazing perks in exchange for my reports and social media.  We are excited to visit again. Think you can handle us? We pretty much ate Red Robin’s out of business.