Daddy Needs Coffee Too…

I am pretty new to the whole K- Cup thing. I always thought they were stupid until I was visiting a friend and was talking about how it would be nice to just make ONE CUP OF DAMN COFFEE.  I mentioned this to Zed and he bought me a Keurig for my Birthday!

Remind me to tell him that I would like a convertible.

Or a pool boy.


Where was I?

Oh right, I am sowing my K -Cup wild oats.

I am loving this Canadian start up company called Single Jo Coffee .  I have chatted about them before. I totally dig concept of an eco friendlier solution without having to commit to one brand.  You get tons of brands.  And like I said, I am sowing my K Cup oats and not ready to commit to anyone or anything.

Except Zed.

And Father’s Day is coming up…..


Pretty wicked deal, right.

I think I will also get him some Bailey’s to top it off.

But, he cannot use my cup…..

my mug

As usual I got some perks to chat about Single Joe Coffee. Like, the wicked mug you see above.  I AM IN HEAVEN. It is my first Mommy’s Weird anything.  It warmed my caffeinated little heart.  Oh and if you need a recommendation, I really liked the Margaritaville State of Mind Medium/Dark Roast. 


Ps. They are having a twitter party next week and you should RSVP. And if you have any twitter party questions. Just ask me. I like to think I know everything about everything.