Momma Needs Coffee Now… #MomsWisdom

We have a joke/game/conversation that goes around our house that sounds a little like this…

Scene 7:10 am on a weekend morning

Kid:   Good Morning, Momma.

Me:  Good Morning, Baby. (Big Hug)

Kid:  Can you help me make a treehouse out of cushions?

Me:  Ah… sure. But, first Mommy needs a coffee other wise  you know that Mommy cannot be a good Mommy today.

Zed passes me a coffee, I smile and kiss him.

End Scene.

Yup, I need some coffee to fuel in me in the morning.  For some people its a joke. For me its a necessity. And I am not embarrassed to share that little bit of #MomsWisdom with you. It’s who I am. If I do not have a cup of coffee within 10 minutes of waking up, I am not at my best.

That is why I am sharing Single Jo Coffee with you.



What I dig about these guys is their K Cup Compatible Variety Pack it includes Club Coffee’s Light AND Dark Roasts, also Paradise Java from Margaritaville plus Copper Moon’s Origin World Coffee. And If you you select 6 or more boxes you save 15%. But, that is not the main thing, for me its the fact that it is packaged into an eco friendlier solution.  Momma likey.



Same deal as always. I won’t talk about companies or products that I don’t dig.  I double dig coffee that gets inside of my body and brain super quickly. I am taking part in the Ambassadorship program.  And I am not only a good Mommy today, but a HAPPY one too. B.c I LOVE the environment too.