Blog Tour….

I hate these things.

And when I get nominated, I never do them.

But, I am going to do this one because my girl Christella at Crawl the Line pretty much made fun of me having to answer these questions. So, instead of being the asshole I really want to be. I will answer all these stupid questions.

1) What Am I Working On?

-I am working on not updating my Social Media Manager Business, Social Jelly. Business has been really awesome and I just took on a new client, which is great because I have been booked full for months. But I update social media for businesses, you would think I would set a good bloody example. Actually, don’t go to the site, just take my word that it is updated daily. DAILY.

-Recently I pitched a family trip to Kalispell, Montana. We just got back Sunday night and it was so damn awesome.  Seriously. You can follow the trip on instagram.  If you couldn’t tell, that was a plug for you to follow me on instagram.

-I’m also trying to work kale into my diet.  Expect a stupid post soon.




2) How Does My Work Differ From Others Of Its Genre?

So….. let’s talk about Mommy’s Weird.  I started this blog as a creative outlet while I was on mat leave from my day job as a radio DJ. For the first year and a half it was pretty much just me being funny and telling stories about my friends and chatting about movies.

And it was awesome.

I still think that 2011 was my best year of blogging.  But, I really struggled to find a community of humour bloggers who wanted to hang with me. Slowly, I started doing a few reviews and working with brands.  Listen, its not my goal to do this. But, the money is pretty good and its damn fun. I mean, have you got to pour blue liquid on a maxi pad? I think not.

I only work with companies that let me have fun and act like an idiot.  If you cannot handle me being myself then go find a “cut and paste blogger” to do your crap.  I also ask for way more money than I should because I think I am a super big deal.  Which I am. But ultimately, Mommy’s Weird will be a humour blog for me to think I am hilarious.


3) How Do I Write/Create What I Do?

I am a good story teller.  It’s a fact. So , I try to write that way.  I am not a writer. I just try my best.


4) How Does Your Writing/Creative Process Work?

I see funny stuff constantly and I feel like I have a story for everything in my life. THE WEIRDEST SHIT HAPPENS TO ME. I don’t get it.  Sometimes I store it in my incredible brain, other times  I jot stuff down on the notes in my iphone, I scribble ideas on paper and I use google docs quite a bit.   If something is super hot in my brain, I put the kids in front of the t.v and write. Otherwise, I come back to it later, usually on a Sunday while my husband folds laundry.


Now I get to nominate some other idiots to do this.   I am not going to bore you with why I picked them and how great they are.  Ain’t nobody got time for that! I am going to look at my FB messages and pick 3 bloggers from my 3 most recent conversations.

Here goes……


I pick Hot Tiff from My Dirt.

My girl Mer who has the best blog name ever, The Girl Next Door Who Drinks And Swears. For the record, I never hear her swear.

Oh.. I had 3 other blogger conversations on FB  and I know NONE of them will do this.  Scrolling, Scrolling, Scrolling.

OH OH OH, my most favourite writer ever the lovely Tara from Don’t Lick The Deck. She’s by far the best thing on the internet.