Kids Say The Darndest Things…

Both of these conversations happened this morning….

Baby Bot: Momma, I watch tv now?

Me: Not now, honey.

Baby Bot: But, Momma, I love the t.v.

Me: I know honey, but too much t.v will turn your brain into mush.

Baby Bot: Momma, I want to watch ALL the t.v. Pleeeeeease Momma, ALL the t.v?


Me: Was it fun to be back at school?

Whirlwind: Yup.

Me: What was fun?

Whirlwind: We got a puppet show thingy, that was fun.

Me: But, no one is funner than me.

Whirlwind: Mom, Mom, Mom, Mom. MOOOOOOOOOOM. Funner is not a word.

Me: Hmph.

Damn, my kids can talk. Like the time when she was a bit mean, and then about how babies are made, and the time she was adorable.