Rotten Whirlwind…

Yesterday while driving to the mall to get Zed a birthday present.  Whirlwind asks,” Mommy can we go to (Insert trendy coffee shop name here)?”

“No honey”. I answer. Seriously. You are three. You don’t need a $5 smoothie.

The she drops it.

Drops it like it’s hot.

Don’t you love it when I do pop culture refrences from the last decade?


She then says this…

“Rotten Mommy..”

And then under her three year old breath, “…. never let’s me do anything…..”

ROTTEN MOMMY!?  What does that even mean!  “Never let’s me DO anything.” What in pray tell does my three year old want to do? Eat goldfish. Watch the Disney Channel.  Race sports cars?  What the hell is she talking about?

So to make up for it. I let her ride the $1 Merry Go Round at the Mall.

Take THAT.  Rotten Mommy my ass.