Making Them Smart….

I’m not sure if I told you the story about my daughter learning to read…

Here goes…

One day in preschool I arrived early to pick up Whirlwind, when I over heard her teacher say, “Do you have this book at home?”  My daughter shook her head, then her teacher looked at me and said, ‘Well you must because you have every word memorized!”

I didn’t think too much about it, just that I thought her teacher was being super snotty,  until she was snuggled up with me on the couch and I was returning a text.  She started to read to me  what I was writing in my text.


My 4 year old is a genius.

Wait, my 4 year old is a genius and we had no idea.

Worst parents ever.

Mainly, because all the credit goes to this little sucker from LeapFrog.



I mean it.

Sure, she was probably destined to be super smart. I get that, I mean, look at the stock she comes from. But, honestly, she never would have reached this potential had it not been for the Tag Learning System.

Don’t believe me?

I wrote about it last year, when I realized that it was better than vodka.  No really, its better than vodka.

What is great about this Leap Reader, is that it can hold 40 books, which is like 35 more than the other one we had.  And it has a learn to write component, which is awesome, because even though my daughter is a genius she is just learning how to write her numbers. Baby Bot just turned 3 and he loves it. He walks around the house with the little wand in his shirt and shoots spider webs with it while it tells him the story of “Tangled.

True Story.

Disclaimer: You got it! I got one of these bad boys in exchange for this post. But, as usual this is my blog and I only do what I want to do and I freakn’ love LeapFrog and I freakn’ adore the LeapReader and Tag. And don’t talk about this to my kids. Because I am going to give it to them for Christmas.