Tag Learning System Is Better Than Vodka…

It’s pretty rare that I am not in the “know” about things. I pride myself for knowing everything and nothing all at once.

I remember when I found the flat iron for the first time. I was furious with my friends for never tellling me that my unshiny, frizzy hair could be shiny and sleek.


And now I am basically pissed that no one told me about Leap Frog.

LeapFrog Canada
Seriously. I had to wait and find out today that when Whirlwind uses that little Tag Reading Pen Thingy she can practically read like a bat out of hell?
Where were all my know it all Mommy’s when I needed them?
You should see her go.
It is bananas.
Never mind. You knew that already didn’t you?
So, we just got the Tag Learning System as hand me down. And its friggn’ awesome.
Sidenote: I wrote “friggn” because I feel like a jerk dropping the f-bomb while I write about children’s books.
Any ways, this thing is so awesome. Whirlwind uses this pen thingy and presses on the books and it reads to her. It’s so cool. If she chooses, she can make it read each word individually, play games and just a bunch of other cool stuff. It is adorable.
So far this one,

and this one….

happen to be her favourites.

Okay, I know this is reading like an advertisement.

But, I really, really, really love this Tag Learning System.

I like it so much, that I am an “Affiliate”. I decided to do that after my Always Infinity Maxi Pad Post made Mr. Always a gazillions dollars.  So, if you do happen to order it from clicking on one of the above pictures, that yes, I will get a small percentage of what you order. But, not really enough to buy a latte. So really, I am making Leap Frog millions of dollars. Maybe even trillions.

I just want you to know that I am not being a trickster asshole in any way.

Damn it.

I swore while writing about children’s books.


There, that is much better.

Oh, and if you do order the Tag Learning System. Order this too….

It makes life a whole lot cleaner.

And because I really want a bloody vodka, I mean latte. There is free shipping in Canada if you spend over $60.