Rocking The Bikini….

Calm down.

Don’t spill your damn coffee.

You are not about to see a photo of me in a bikini.

Here look at my Hot Mom friends in their bikini’s.



Let’s move on.

While at the beach this summer, I noticed that lots of chubby girls were wearing bikini’s.


Big round bellies.

Big muffin tops.

Big back fat.

Big overspilling DD breasts.

I was in awe.

I couldn’t quit staring.

Who do these girls think they are?

Seriously, they are far too fat to be wearing bikini’s?

Did I just say that?!

I am very sorry to say that this was my immediate reaction.  And I am not proud to admit that my immediate reaction was so harsh because I don’t feel that way.  I absolutely loved seeing those girls rock their bikini’s. I loved watching them jiggle and giggle with their friends.

They didn’t give a flying phooey.

And it was hot.

And it was strong.

And it made me jealous.

That is why my immediate reaction was a little harsh.

It wasn’t until my mid twenties did I quit wearing a t shirt over my full body bathing suit.  I never had the confidence to wear a bikini.  I never had the confidence to embrace my beauty and be comfortable in my own skin.

Today, I am 35, 200 lbs, bloody beautiful and extremely confident in my looks and how I look in my tankini.

Does it mean I am going to buy a bikini?

Hells No!

But, it means that I know that I can.


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