Rocking The Bikini….

Calm down.

Don’t spill your damn coffee.

You are not about to see a photo of me in a bikini.

Here look at my Hot Mom friends in their bikini’s.



Let’s move on.

While at the beach this summer, I noticed that lots of chubby girls were wearing bikini’s.


Big round bellies.

Big muffin tops.

Big back fat.

Big overspilling DD breasts.

I was in awe.

I couldn’t quit staring.

Who do these girls think they are?

Seriously, they are far too fat to be wearing bikini’s?

Did I just say that?!

I am very sorry to say that this was my immediate reaction.  And I am not proud to admit that my immediate reaction was so harsh because I don’t feel that way.  I absolutely loved seeing those girls rock their bikini’s. I loved watching them jiggle and giggle with their friends.

They didn’t give a flying phooey.

And it was hot.

And it was strong.

And it made me jealous.

That is why my immediate reaction was a little harsh.

It wasn’t until my mid twenties did I quit wearing a t shirt over my full body bathing suit.  I never had the confidence to wear a bikini.  I never had the confidence to embrace my beauty and be comfortable in my own skin.

Today, I am 35, 200 lbs, bloody beautiful and extremely confident in my looks and how I look in my tankini.

Does it mean I am going to buy a bikini?

Hells No!

But, it means that I know that I can.


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16 thoughts on “Rocking The Bikini….

  1. regardless of weight I have always been too self conscious to wear a bikini. I remember during a hard time in my life where I was very stressed and had lost a lot of weight, but I was too stressed to even know I had lost weight. I had a picture of me in a tankini and all I could see were fat rolls, and when a friend saw it, he told me I looked sickly thin. Looking back NOW I see the sickly thin, but there is NO WAY I thought that at all then. I am happy that those women were confident enough to wear a bikini because I never could!

  2. When I was younger (late teens, mid 20’s) I could have rocked a bikini….. but I didn’t Today, I am overweight (a lot) and there is no way you could convince me to wear one…. That said, I too had the same reaction when I saw girls in biknis this summer….. they were everywhere and on every body type…… In truth – I am proud of their “I don’t give a damn” attitude…….. but will I wear one….. hell no! 🙂

  3. Yes you ARE beautiful! (That was not supposed to sound creepy.)
    And to add to your post, the last few summers I’ve been noticing that the new trend in confidence is to wear a bikini – even while full-fledged pregnant!

  4. ahhhh the dreaded bikini hahah…seriously my husband always picks out these bikinis he see’s on the store manikins and says to me ” you should get that one”….I am like uhhh what? I have not worn a bikini since I was 18 lol 3 kids later and curvier i’ll stick to my tankini thanks suite me just fine 🙂

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