My Love/Hate Relationship with Mommy’s Weird…..


One evening I was drunk on Facebook and I ran into my friend Hot Mess Mom.  I love her because she created the Million MILF March, which is basically a bunch of drunk women bar hopping for a good cause.


Plus,  she invented and trademarked this among many other products….


It’s like we shared the same amniotic fluid.

I adore her and was flattered when she asked me to be part of her Summer Guest Blogging Series about being in a Love/Hate Relationship with your own blog. I am pretty proud of this piece. Quite possibly its the most honest thing I have ever said about being a blogger and the machine behind Mommy’s Weird. You can read it here at Hot Mess Mom.

And because I am trying out new ways to say good bye to people…



11 thoughts on “My Love/Hate Relationship with Mommy’s Weird…..

  1. Kyla, that was a very honest and real post, and raised issues that I think most of us struggle with. It’s important to open the dialogue about it (both internal and external) because I think that constant examining and reevaluation is what keeps us true to ourselves. Sounds like you’re doing all right, boss of all things online 🙂

  2. You feel all kinds of emotion being a blogger- happy when your page views are high, scared when your web page is a white screen, annoyed when your host provided says you are the problem, and more! Yep! As long as you enjoy what you do and be true to yourself , it will all work out at the end. I can definitely understand a love/hate relationship with my blog lol!

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