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Sadly I have never met Erin in real life, which really ticks me off.  She warm and funny and speaking from experience, she is someone you can count on. That is a quality that is rare to find.  Sadly when I met my “writers group” in Calgary last month, Erin was ill and couldn’t make it. Which sucked because,  I wanted to meet her the most!   DO NOT TELL THE OTHERS. Especially Catherine.  I think if we lived next door to each other we would have coffee every morning.  Meet Erin….


5 years ago, I met me an import. My husband is from England. London, England to be exact. He’d been here about 10 years before I met him, and still had an accent thick as all get out. I swear the first 3 months of dating all I did was grin and nod some days. It’s a good thing he was cute.

As I got to know him better, I got to understand his Britanese better (yes that is a word) and started actually translating for my parents when they couldn’t understand him.

A couple of his gems include “get your kit off” – undress, and “what a palarva” – what a mess. Justin Beiber? Always sounds like Justin Beaver. Every time. Not that he’s a hot topic around the house or anything.

Our black lab is named Sawyer. Everyone thinks his name is Soya. As in the sauce.

When ordering at a drive through “can you do me uhhhh ….”. The poor kid on the other end just seems to only hear CAN YOU DO ME? Every. Single. Time.

Then it happened. I caught myself asking him one day “what do you fancy for dinner?”. Fancy for dinner? What self-respecting Canadian woman uses FANCY like that? I knew I was in trouble. I will not be assimilated!

The one that was, and still is, the hardest to figure out? Portion. To him? Portion means either A – a helping, serving OR B – nookie.

Now when he says he wants a portion, I still need to figure out if he is hungry or frisky. I’m not often correct.
Know wha’ I mean?


Erin, MrsBrits, was born and raised in Calgary. Soon after meeting her British husband, they moved out to Strathmore to live the small town life. Proud fur mama to a black lab and two fat cats, Erin is a coffee loving, Starbucks mug hoarding, milk glass collecting, road tripping, crafty crocheter.

4 thoughts on “Guest Post: Erin Dunderdale’s Britanese….

  1. It’s true!!! I’ve met the Brit and after years of hosting him at my house, I still haven’t a clue most days what he says!! Thank god for google translate!!!

  2. Hysterial! I love the words that British people choose to use. They make funny things funnier and mundane things more intelligent sounding.

  3. My favorites are “nick” as in steal or the police station; “knackered” as is super tired; and “have a lie in” as in sleep-in. I am sure there are so many more!

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